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Weapon replicas for connoisseurs

Replica swords and firearms are a wonderful way to decorate the interior of a chosen room - they will make it look much more serious and elegant, as well as lead the guests to initiate the conversation about their origin and history. Thanks to their faithful resemblance to the originals they can also serve as a wonderful prop for a variety of costumes and cosplays. A customer can use them for example if he is an active participant in staging medieval tournaments or battles. GlobalReplicas.com is a shop that offers a wide range of firearms, swords and armour imitating those known from history lessons.

GlobalReplicas.com: The ultimate sword shop

People looking for dependable products will be pleased to hear that GlobalReplicas.com only works with trusted European manufacturers to bring the best replicas possible to their customers' households. This sword shop also sells training weapons which can be sharpened by the professional. Every customer has a different range of interests, which is why, to satisfy everyone, the company had to expand its collection to include blades and guns from other periods. Thanks to this move, it is possible to buy here Templar, Viking, Roman and many other characteristic swords and a variety of firearms.

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