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Impressive weapon replicas

Specialreplicas.com is an online shop that sells a variety of weapon and armour replicas. Their offer includes both melee weapons and firearms, which can be recognised from different periods of history. In addition, the company works with manufacturers of authentic armour and clothing replicas, as well as with producers of blades used nowadays. That is why, besides cutlasses or flintlocks, the shop sells also US Marines knives and wooden swords for training. Each fan of history is going to be pleased with the company's offer.

US Marines knives

Among the many products available in the shop's collection, one may find a wide variety of US Marines knives. These blades have many uses within the American troops and proved to be an necessary equipment for soldiers. Specialreplicas.com offers many different variations of US Marines knives, so each customer is going to be able to find the most suitable option. Depending on what it is needed for, the blades can be retractable or not and equipped with a pocket clip or a sheath to safely carry them around.

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Offer: Us marines knives


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