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Producer of domed decals

Advertising a company or selling a new product is always a complicated process, which includes various actions. Aesthetically pleasing and surprisingly enduring epoxy stickers may be one of the solutions used when promoting a business. Art of Colour Ltd produces eye-catching badges, which are coated in this substance to prevent them from getting damaged or destroyed. Water-resistant, full of vibrant colours and completely customisable, these gadgets definitely constitute one of the most popular promotional products.

Fantastic epoxy stickers

One of the biggest advantages of epoxy stickers made by Art of Colour Ltd is the possibility of their complete customisation. Each customer sends an artwork they want to have printed on the badge and chooses the shape they want it to be in. After approving the project and transferring the money, the company starts the production. The minimum order quantity is a hundred of epoxy stickers, which is why even small businesses and individual clients without big needs can begin the cooperation with Art of Colour Ltd.

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