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A website about bio fireplaces - Lovter.com

If you are a fan of modern interior design, you should definitely visit Lovter.com sometime. It is an internet journal about ecological fireplaces which are amazingly decorative. The designers are really creative and come up with numerous arrangements. For example, there can be a fireplace reminding blocks from Tetris game or referring to Japanese style. These products create amazing atmosphere in a room and they will certainly impress anyone who enters it. The natural fire has marvellously relaxing qualities as well.

Ethanol fireplace

Lovter.com has a partner online shop where you can buy an ethanol fireplace and all the necessary accessories and combustible materials. Replacing a traditional model with an ecological one is a wonderful gift to our planet. Namely, by burning ethanol instead of wood or coal, we do not produce any harmful substances that would pollute the air which we all breathe. It is also very easy to assemble, because it does not require any chimney draught. For more details, you can go to the website Lovter.com.

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Lipowa 3 | 30-702 Kraków | tel.: +48 504 455 825 | lovter.com | editorlovter.com

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