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Anglo-Pol European Transport Ltd

A reliable company that is going to take care of shipping goods throughout Europe without unnecessary problems and at a very attractive price? Experienced professional drivers in recent cars, able to take loads of up to 24T? Anglo-Pol European Transport Ltd has it all - a modern fleet, qualified employees and the trust of its customers. Company had been on the market for years now, offering dependable freight to Poland from countries in the entire Europe for both new clients and companies that have been working with them for a long time.

Freight to Poland

Many companies need a quick and reliable freight to Poland, which is why Anglo-Pol European Transport Ltd is such an appreciated partner. They operate mainly between Poland and the United Kingdom - since the majority of their customers need delivery services between these two countries - but they also can transport goods from and to other European territories. Since each client has different expectations and requirements, the company prepared a couple of options, including part and full-loads and express deliveries.

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48 Cotswold Road | SS0 8AB Essex | tel.: +44 1702343228 | www.anglopoltransport.co.uk | officeanglopoltransport.co.uk

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